Monash University: Central Precinct Revitalisation

Client: Monash University
Competition: Invited two stage design competition
Winner: TCL with Peter Elliot

Winning submission by TCL with Peter Elliot

Monash University is currently undertaking multiple capital projects clustered around the Clayton Campus Central Precinct. Some involve demolition and rebuilding while others involve refurbishment and re-organisation. Alongside these building projects there is also a need to improve the Central Precinct landscapes, transforming decades of piecemeal additions and interventions into a more coherent sequence of outdoor spaces. This competition addresses the latter, focusing on two distinct but related outdoor spaces that are identified as The Forum and the Lemon Scented Lawn (LSL). The competition is structured to deliver two related but distinct outcomes.

Stage One will result in the shortlisting of three teams to participate in Stage Two. These three teams will also be nominated as ‘Preferred Landscape Architects” for the redesign of the Lemon Scented Lawn (LSL) and related landscapes, which will commence at a later date.

Stage Two will result in a winning redesign of the Forum that is intended to commence implementation from late 2014. The winner will undertake the redesign of The Forum in a phased process, starting at the eastern half in the immediate environs of the Matheson Library (the redevelopment of which is due to commence late 2014). The western half of the Forum will commence after this, to align with the planned refurbishment of the campus centre.