City Lab is pleased to announce the launch of the Design Register: a new independent, searchable database of Victorian architects, urban designers, interior designers and landscape architects. Go to design register here

The Design Register (the Register) has been created to assist in the equitable and transparent procurement of design services. It is established as a subscription service, to be accessed by both public and private sector clients, with Monash University as the founding subscriber. It’s principle purpose is to help clients generate invited lists, short lists and other forms of tender pre-selection, across a variety of design services.

The Register is the only database of built environment professionals that focuses primarily on design quality: accounting for industry recognition, specialist disciplines and design experience by project type. It is engineered to allow clients to easily search, review, evaluate and compare design practices, based on design quality and a portfolio of recent work.

In providing reliable cross-referenced information on design professionals, the Register is not, however, a stand-alone procurement process. It is only as useful as the quality of both the information provided by the design community, and the procurement process it informs. In order to maintain the quality and veracity of all information supplied, information may be subject to checks and verification, by the Design Register Administrator.

Importantly, this is a database where you, the designer, can control your information. Much of the base Information required in the database – about your practice and its staff, disciplinary mix and industry recognition – should only take less than an hour to complete. Project information may take a little longer, depending on how many projects you wish to include.

The Design Register has received preliminary endorsement from:

  • The Victorian Office of the Government Architect
  • The Australian Institute of Architecture
  • The Australian Institute of Landscape Architecture, and
  • The Planning Institute of Australia

The Register is based on three simple steps.

Step 1: Your registration 

City Lab invites suitably qualified design professionals to register. Once logged in, you supply your practice information through an online form, or ‘listing’. 

Note: Practice information can be refreshed at any time 24/7, and this will ensure the currency of your information. Once registered you will be reminded no less than once a year to refresh information.

Step 2: The client's search 

A Client with a project brief for a forthcoming design service inputs certain single or multiple search criteria into the Register Search function, such as ‘practice size’, design discipline, project type or industry recognition.

Step 3: The Register's list of candidates

The Register correlates Registrant information with search filters, and creates a list of all those Registrants who fit the needs profile. The client can tailor search results to list 10, 20 or 30 candidates.

Founding subscriber:

Monash University
Buildings and Property Division

As the Register's founding client, Monash University has worked with City Lab for over a year, developing and refining its form, structure and implementation.

From January it will begin trailing this new short-listing process for the procurement of design services, using the Register to generate initial lists of potential candidates for forthcoming design services contracts.

Pending scale and other factors, not all projects will require the use of the Register, however it is envisaged that candidates for design services on the large majority of capital works projects, will be initially shortlisted via the Design Register. 

Andrew Mackenzie,
Jan 12, 2017, 6:36 PM