What we do

CityLab provides a full competition advisory service, from preliminary site examination and stakeholder consultation through to the drafting of key documents and communications, and the management of both jury and competitors. Where a client has existing organisational infrastructure CityLab can work alongside this, or provide independent services where appropriate. 

CityLab has an extensive network of probity advisors, project managers, graphic designers and editors as well as specialist drafting/modeling services, to support all aspects of a competition. 

Working closely with both the Australian Institute of Architects and the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects CityLab ensures that all competitions follow best practice and are endorsed by the relevant institute.

For a full overview of how and what Citylab does, download the Citylab profile document here: CityLab Profile.pdf
For further information contact     info@citylab.com.au

Our principles

Andrew Mackenzie